SANS Top-20 2007 Security Risks (2007 Annual Update)

Sans updated their Top-20 list of security risks.

One section covers Oracle and Database Software. Since September 2006 there are 18 new CVE vulnerabilities with a CVSS base score of 7 or higher.

CVE-2006-5332, CVE-2006-5333, CVE-2006-5334, CVE-2006-5335, CVE-2006-5336, CVE-2006-5339, CVE-2006-5340, CVE-2006-5341, CVE-2006-5342, CVE-2006-5343, CVE-2006-5344, CVE-2006-5345, CVE-2006-7138, CVE-2007-0272, CVE-2007-1442, CVE-2007-2113, CVE-2007-2118, CVE-2007-5506.

Some of the most critical vulnerabilities in Oracle databases like the view / inline-view bug or the bypass logon trigger are not covered in the SANS list.

BTW.: Microsoft SQL Server has only 1 vulnerability: CVE-2007-4814

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  1. stephan beirer sagt:

    I would like to hear the opinion of the database experts how and why Microsoft has managed to improve the security of their DBMS, while Oracle aparently hasnt solved this problem yet. Is this solely the result of the “Security Development Lifecycle” at Microsoft?



  2. There are a few reasons why Microsoft has less vulnerabilities comparing to Oracle:

    * MS started earlier with Security and the Security Development Livecycle
    * Oracle is much more complex than SQL Server (Oracle: builtin Corba-Orb,HTTP-Server, FTP-Server, XMLDB, Adv. Queuing, Java in the database, …)
    * Oracle supports multiple plattforms, MS only Windows, Some features more difficult to implement on multiple OS
    * Oracle supports more versions (9i Rel. 2, 10g Rel.1 , 10g Rel.2 and 11g)

    Hope this helps a little bit to understand why SQL Server has less vulnerabilities than Oracle databases.



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