Oracle Password Sniffer THC Orakel

Last week VonJeek from the hacker group THC posted a nice tool and whitepaper
about Oracle Password Security. VonJeek describes how to attack the Oracle password
from sniffed network traffic (USERNAME, SESSION_ENCRYPTED and PASSWORD_ENCRYPTED).
At the moment the THC website is not available.
THC presents a crypto paper analyzing the database authentication mechansim
used by oracle. THC further releases practical tools to sniff and crack the
password of an oracle database within seconds.
It is a nice paper and THC-Orakel is a nice tool, even if some of the statements
in the paper are not correct (e.g. page 10: "a password must start with a character"
no it can also start with a number or page 13: "The cracking of Oracle passwords
entered a new era after publication of the Oracle password hashing algorithm on
18 October 2005 by the SANS institute" -  JoshWright from SANS only collected
public available information like the Oracle Password algorithm and created a summary
paper. The Oracle password algorithm and oracle password tools like checkpwd were
available since years, e.g. here).
THC Orakel

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