Impressions from HackInTheBox 2007 Malaysia

Just back from the biggest security conference „Hack In The Box“ (HITB2007) in Asia. The conference took place in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. It was a really interesting conference and I met many interesting people and old friends like Stefano, FX, Sharan, David, Selwin, …

I gave a 2 day Oracle Anti-Hacker Training for people from all over the world and also a talk about „Hacking hardened and patched Oracle databases“. I will talk about my presentation (e.g. why the content of a create table „!rm -Rf /“ is sometimes executed on OS level) in the next blog entry.
Here some lessons I learned at the conference:

1.) Microsoft saved my „Hacking Oracle“ presentation because my MacBook Pro with Keynote 2008 was not working together with the projector (macs from other speakers were working). At the stage I had to convert the keynote presentation into powerpoint and to use my old laptop with windows to show my Oracle presentation.

2.) Asia Hackers are no thieves.
During the chaotic presentation (see 1.) I changed my laptops on the stage. Few hours later on the way to the airport I detected the I forgot the 3rd laptop. A short telephone call to the organizer Dhillon and a few minutes later I’ve got the message that the laptop (with full harddisk encryption) was still there.

It was a great conference…

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