Oracle Password Cracker Benchmarks

Today Laszlo released his password cracker woraauthbf for Oracle, the fastest windows tool for cracking Oracle passwords (supports the new and old password hash format plus cracking the authentication attack).

On his webpage Laszlo has a small benchmark comparing the 3 leading password Oracle crackers checkpwd, orabf and woraauthbf. According to Laszlo’s benchmark checkpwd 1.22 is the slowest cracker (but only out of these 3).

I was surprised that checkpwd was so slow comparing to the benchmarks I did on my systems. The reason for this is bad result was the way how Laszlo performed the tests.

Laszlo was testing only 1 password hash. The implementation of reading of the dictionary file is slow that’s why this affects the entire result of checkpwd. In the real world you are normally testing many password hashes and not only 1 hash
That’s why I run a benchmark how long it takes to crack 40 hashes (instead of 1 hash) with the new checkpwd 2.0 which supports reading passwords hashes from a text file (to get rid of the file reading overhead). I run the tests on my 2 GHz Core2Duo.

woraauthbf 0.2 1.103.773 pw/s (Laszlo: 515114 pw/s)

checkpwd 2.0 637.263 pw/s (Laszlo: 193.168 pw/s)

orabf 0.76 400.000 pw/s (Laszlo: 311.994 pw/s)

Checkpwd 2.0 was nearly 2 times faster in this benchmark (just by cracking 40 instead of 1 password (637.263 vs 309.057)).

In checkpwd 2.0 we will focus on intelligent password cracking instead of pure power but we are still interested to improve the speed of checkpwd.
Here some new features of checkpwd 2 (released next week)

* cracking APEX passwords
* support for Oracle 11g
* support for Oracle Password History
* intelligent password collector
* many new options
* …

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