New version of cain with support for 11g passwords

2 weeks ago, Massimiliano Montoro aka Mao, released a new version of Cain & Abel.

Here some of the new features of Cain & Abel v4.9.25:

– Oracle 11g (case sensitive) Password Extractor via ODBC.
– Added Oracle 11g Password Cracker (Dictionary and Brute-Force Attacks).
– Added support for Oracle TNS 11g (AES-192) in Oracle TNS Hashes Password Cracker.
– Added support for Oracle TNS 11g (AES-192) in Oracle TNS sniffer filter.
– Experimental SQL Query tool via ODBC.

Cain Screenshot

The  AES implementation of Cain is slower than the implementation of GSAuditor (6,172,839 vs 2,654,719 on a 2.4 GHz C2D E4600)  but 2.6 Million passwords per second (via brute force) is still quite fast.

Massimilano wrote also 3 interesting whitepapers about the TNS authentication based on László Tóth work. Instead of using the oran10.dll/oran11.dll Mao is using the OpenSSL library:

Oracle 9i TNS 3DES authentication details 
Oracle 10g TNS AES-128 authentication details
Oracle 11g TNS AES-192 authentication details

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