Web Application Testing with Pangolin (Video & Screenshot)

Here is another new video “Web Application Testing with Pangolin” (1024×768).

Similar to the previous video with Matrixay I am using a chinese tool called Pangolin to extract the structure and content of a database (tables, columns, data) via a SQL Injection vulnerability in one of my vulnerable test applications.

Pangolin is a free product but some of the versions of Pangolin on the web are coming with a backdoored libcurl.dll. This can be a dangerous side effect of using free tools in a company environment. You have been warned…

Sometimes it is difficult to find a download possibility of Pangolin because the main website www.nosec.org is currently under construction but if you search a little bit you will be able to find a copy (e.g. via rapidshare). More details concerning Pangolin is available here.

Pangolin Web SQL Injection Tool

Pangolin supports all kind of databases (Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, Sybase, DB2, …).

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