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Oracle CPU April 2008 – Update

Mittwoch, April 16th, 2008

Few hours ago Bruce Lowenthal sent me an email that Oracle forgot to inform me what was fixed. Hey how can you forget me. I am reporting bugs since several years… 😉 6 of my vulnerabilities are now history (if you apply the April patches or a new patchset like of the vulnerabilities are the affecting Oracle Spatial. The packages SDO_UTIL [DB05], SDO_GEOM [DB06]  and SDO_IDX [DB07] are vulnerable against SQL Injection. SDO_IDX is also vulnerable in Oracle 11g.

1 vulnerability is a hardcoded default password OUTLN [DB13] for the user OUTLN. In some special cases the Oracle database is resetting the password of the user OUTLN to OUTLN and grants DBA privileges to this user.

The CPU is also fixing 2 PL/SQL injection vulnerabilities from Paul Wright (see Paul’s blog entry). At the moment there is no additional information about vulnerabilities available.

This CPU provides also fixes the the Inline-View and Create-View problem.

Oracle Critical Patch Update April 2008 is out

Dienstag, April 15th, 2008

Few minutes ago Oracle was releasing the latest Oracle CPU for April 2008 fixing 41 new vulnerabilities (15 in the database). 1 of the database vulnerabilities DB08 can be exploited remotely. APEX contains a SQL Injection vulnerability APEX01 and 1 remote exploitable vulnerability APEX02.

This time Oracle secalert forgot to inform the researchers (usual suspects: Cesar, Esteban, Stephen, Joxean… plus a few others) so we a not aware what vulnerabilities were fixed. Oracle normally informs the researchers in advance what vulnerabilities will be fixed in the upcoming CPU. The most critical issue (CVSS rating 6.6) is an issue in the Oracle Enterprise Manager. DB02-DB07 are SQL Injection vulnerabilities (5.5 is the typical CVSS value for that issue).

Oracle probably fixed the following of our vulnerabilities (we reported bugs in these packages):
* SQL Injection in SDO_GEOM (Tracking ID: 10051851)
* SQL Injection in SDO_UTIL (Tracking ID: 10051595)
* SQL Injection in SDO_IDX (Tracking ID: 10051649)

We will post more information soon…

Looking Glass and Oracle 11g

Freitag, April 11th, 2008

Yesterday I read an article about Apple Quicktime and LookingGlass. I downloaded the free tool from the website of errata security.

Here are the results from a test with Oracle on Windows. I have scanned the Oracle Home and the tool found 518 Oracle files with dangerous functions like strcpy, sprintf, sscanf, strcat, …

Output Looking Glass

The Oracle executable (oracle.exe) for example is using wsprintfA, strncpy, sprintf, sscanf, _vsnprintf, _snprintf, vprintf, strncat, strtok, strlen, strcpy, strcat.

Oracle Critical Patch Update Pre-Release Announcement – April 2008

Freitag, April 11th, 2008

Yesterday Oracle has published the pre-release announcement for the upcoming CPU next tuesday. According to this announcement the CPU will fix 41 security in various Oracle products. 17 vulnerabilities are affecting the Oracle Database.

  • Advanced Queuing
  • Audit
  • Authentication
  • Change Data Capture
  • Core RDBMS
  • Data Pump
  • Export
  • Oracle Application Express
  • Oracle Net Services
  • Oracle Secure Enterprise Search or Ultrasearch
  • Oracle Spatial
  • Query Optimizer

2 of these vulnerabilities are located in APEX and 2 of these 17 are remote exploitable (APEX?).

Tonight Oracle secalert will normally inform the researchers what vulnerabilities will be fixed by the upcoming CPU. It seems that some of our critical vulnerabilities (e.g. Bypass Oracle auditing in all databases) will be fixed next week.

More about the CPU next tuesday night or at HITB 2008 Dubai.  Cesar Cerrudo and I will be there.