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3 new Oracle Security Videos

Donnerstag, April 16th, 2009

I just uploaded 3 new Oracle security videos:

Trial version of Repscan available on the Sentrigo website.

Webinar Presentation „Best practises for Database Security“ uploaded

Mittwoch, Januar 28th, 2009

I just uploaded the webinar presentation „Best practises for Database Security“ from today to our website. All other presentations from us are available here.

The entire webinar with sound and video and the slides from Dan will be available on the Sentrigo website within the next few days.  Older webinars, e.g. from Pete Finnigan are already available there.

Webinar – Best Practices for Database Security

Mittwoch, Januar 21st, 2009

Next Wednesday, 28. January 2009 (10:00 AM – 11:00 AM CET), I will give a free webinar  „Best Practices for Database Security“ together with Sentrigo.

I will talk about typical problems in Oracle databases and how to avoid them…

See you next week…

DOAG 2008 is over

Freitag, Dezember 5th, 2008

Just back from the DOAG 2008 conference. Nearly 2000 attendees came to Nürnberg, Germany. Together with Sentrigo we had a booth at the conference and presented our products like Repscan or Hedgehog and services (Audits, Trainings, …).

DOAG Booth

I gave a presentation „Best of Oracle Security 2008“ and Aviv Pode talked about „Hacking and protecting the Oracle database“.

Aviv Pode

Today I also uploaded the presentations from Polish Oracle User Group (PLOUG),  Deepsec 2008 in Vienna and the iSafe 2008  Conference in Dubai.

Sentrigo released a survey saying that 67% of the DBAs never apply Oracle CPUs

Montag, Januar 14th, 2008

Today Sentrigo published a press release saying that in a survey 67% of the attendees never apply Oracle Critical Patch Updates on their system.