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Mittwoch, April 13th, 2011

Oracle Database 11.2 Express Edition Beta comes with weak default password

Samstag, April 2nd, 2011

Yesterday Oracle released the first beta of Oracle Database 11.2. Express Edition. I downloaded the beta and after installation I run our database scanner Repscan against it.

It was surprising that Oracle delivers 11.2 Express Edition with a default password for the open APEX_040000.

C:\>sqlplus apex_040000/oracle@

SQL*Plus: Release – Production on Sat Apr 2 13:33:24 2011

Copyright (c) 1982, 2008, Oracle.  All rights reserved.

Connected to:
Oracle Database 11g Express Edition Release – Beta

SQL> desc dba_users
Name                                      Null?    Type
—————————————– ——– —————————-
USERNAME                                  NOT NULL VARCHAR2(30)
USER_ID                                   NOT NULL NUMBER
PASSWORD                                           VARCHAR2(30)
ACCOUNT_STATUS                            NOT NULL VARCHAR2(32)
LOCK_DATE                                          DATE
EXPIRY_DATE                                        DATE
DEFAULT_TABLESPACE                        NOT NULL VARCHAR2(30)
CREATED                                   NOT NULL DATE
PROFILE                                   NOT NULL VARCHAR2(30)
INITIAL_RSRC_CONSUMER_GROUP                        VARCHAR2(30)
EXTERNAL_NAME                                      VARCHAR2(4000)
PASSWORD_VERSIONS                                  VARCHAR2(8)
EDITIONS_ENABLED                                   VARCHAR2(1)
AUTHENTICATION_TYPE                                VARCHAR2(8)

SQL> select * from user_role_privs;

USERNAME                       GRANTED_ROLE                   ADM DEF OS_
—————————— —————————— — — —
APEX_040000                    CONNECT                        NO  YES NO
APEX_040000                    RESOURCE                       YES YES NO

SQL> select * from user_sys_privs;

USERNAME                       PRIVILEGE                                ADM
—————————— —————————————- —
APEX_040000                    CREATE TRIGGER                           YES
APEX_040000                    CREATE SYNONYM                           YES
APEX_040000                    UNLIMITED TABLESPACE                     YES
APEX_040000                    ALTER SESSION                            NO
APEX_040000                    CREATE JOB                               YES
APEX_040000                    CREATE DIMENSION                         YES
APEX_040000                    CREATE SEQUENCE                          YES
APEX_040000                    CREATE TABLE                             YES
APEX_040000                    ALTER USER                               NO
APEX_040000                    CREATE USER                              NO
APEX_040000                    CREATE SESSION                           YES
APEX_040000                    CREATE OPERATOR                          YES
APEX_040000                    ALTER DATABASE                           NO
APEX_040000                    DROP USER                                NO
APEX_040000                    CREATE INDEXTYPE                         YES
APEX_040000                    CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW                 YES
APEX_040000                    CREATE VIEW                              YES
APEX_040000                    CREATE CLUSTER                           YES
APEX_040000                    CREATE ANY CONTEXT                       YES
APEX_040000                    CREATE PROCEDURE                         YES
APEX_040000                    DROP PUBLIC SYNONYM                      NO
APEX_040000                    DROP TABLESPACE                          NO
APEX_040000                    CREATE TABLESPACE                        NO
APEX_040000                    CREATE TYPE                              YES
APEX_040000                    CREATE ROLE                              NO
APEX_040000                    CREATE PUBLIC SYNONYM                    NO

26 rows selected.


This APEX user has for example ALTER USER privileges and can change the password of any user in the database.

Please change the password of APEX_040000 after the installation of the new 11.2 Express Edition beta.